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Dr Janice Denegri-Knott
Dr Janice Denegri-Knott is Senior Lecturer in Consumer Culture and Behaviour at Bournemouth University's Media School. Janice specialises in emerging consumer and digital cultures, and transformative marketing and is a member of the Emerging Consumer Cultures Group (ECCG). Janice has consulted for a range of commercial clients, including The Daily Telegraph, ITV and Channel 4. Through her work in academia, Janice brings an alternative perspective when answering our clients' business questions, helping to shape and consolidate our consumer insight.

Maria Tzika
Maria trained as a visual anthropologist at Goldsmiths. She has experience working on a range of projects that include designing visuals for theatre shows funded by Arts Council England, and ethnographic films supported by SOAS and the Leverhulme Trust. She is currently an associate producer at Vernon Films, an independent film production company working in both documentaries and features. Maria brings her social research background and filmmaking skills to our research projects.

Jane Kellock
Jane is a creative eccentric and collector of people and things. A former Head of Design at TopShop and a Global Fashion Trend Forecaster for WGSN, Jane is now a fashion trend consultant and a regular contributor to lifestyle trend website Stylus, Viewpoint magazine and co-writer of The Women's Room blog. Jane provides Hope + Anchor with consultancy on global lifestyle trends, street-style analysis, and customer profile building. As an expert in social media, Jane also works with us to keep one step ahead of digital culture and helps to develop and implement our digital methodologies.

Paul steals away from the office for a half hour to indulge in the latest celeb gossip.
We collaborate to enrich our thinking, produce captivating outputs, and add value to our clients' research spend
Laura Knox & Tom Woodward
Laura and Tom are experts in visual storytelling. Laura is a renowned photographer who has worked with companies including Bacardi Brown-Forman, Volkswagen, Virgin, and The Body Shop to provide powerful marketing imagery. Tom heads up the moving image arm of their business, Fathom Productions. Tom and Laura work closely with us to help turn our findings into exciting visual outputs. They created the still and moving images for the Hope + Anchor website.

Mike Tooby
Mike is an independent curator and researcher. He is Associate Professor of Art and Public Practice at Bath Spa University. He was founding curator of Tate St Ives, a Director for Amgueddfa Cymru, and chair of engage, the gallery education association. He has served on a variety of bodies, including the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council Wales and Arts Council England. Mikes brings a different perspective that informs our view of creativity and how we approach our work.

Clem Woodward
Clem is one of the multi-award winning creatives behind Compare The Market's 'Meerkat' campaign and O2's 'Thinking of You' campaign. An expert in turning insights into big ideas for brands, Clem brings his experience in the creative industries to our communication projects. Clem is a great addition in our workshops, helping to work up visually rich, well crafted ideas and propositions to make the outputs from our idea generation sessions immediately tangible.

The Team
Amanda Anderton
Amanda started out in her family business dealing part-worn tyres in Yorkshire. Discontented with her life in overalls, she packed away her tyre iron and ran off to London to pursue her dream of becoming a social psychologist. Since then she has enjoyed a colourful journey to becoming co-founder of Hope + Anchor.

With over 15 years in qualitative research and strategy under her belt, her voyage has taken her via the London School of Economics, Head of Insight at NPD agency WOWCO, and Group Research Director at 2CV.

Darren Hanley
Darren has one of those faces that make people want to tell him things. This combined with an inherent nosiness and a fascination with the nitty-gritty of people's everyday lives means he was always destined to be a researcher.

Before co-founding Hope + Anchor in 2012, Darren spent more than a decade at 2CV, where with a handful of others, grew the agency from a small boutique into a global research player.

Mary Coyne
Mary brings a wealth of experience to Hope + Anchor in her role as Research Director. She has a particular interest in researching the retail, media, sport and fashion sectors, though loves getting stuck in to any new research challenge.

Fuelled by her passion for understanding people, Mary is also studying an MSc in psychotherapy.

Kat Cunningham
Kat is one of the few individuals who didn’t fall into her career in Market Research accidently, getting her ‘calling’ at a remarkably young age.

Kat misspent her youth hanging out in viewing facilities, making mood boards and discussing the fundamentals of research. She proudly claims that whilst other kids were copying Spice Girl routines, she was hosting her first groups (although admittedly, the participants, products and clients were all imaginary).

Sarah Warren
Sarah first unleashed her talent for operations management as a marketing assistant for a publishing company with an unruly reputation. From her desk in the stationery cupboard, she developed a natural knack for taming the untameable, creating organisation and structure to where there was chaos.

Sarah has 14 years' administrative and operational experience in a broad range of industries including the BBC, MTV, and various magazine publishing companies, in both the UK and Australia.

Hope + Anchor is a young, bold, multi-award winning strategic insight agency. Since launching in 2012, we have built up a stellar portfolio of clients, working on some of the most exciting and stimulating research briefs around.

We are looking for a highly talented, curiously-minded individual to join our team as a Research Executive. This is an exciting opportunity to join a young agency with big plans.

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When faced with fast-changing trends and the need to work miracles with tight budgets, we all need to think creatively. 

Our clients come to us when they need insights to inspire new ways of thinking. Insights that have the power to shape big ideas. Insights that can generate growth and fuel competitive advantage.

At Hope + Anchor we blend our creative insight gathering approach with intelligent thinking to help our clients answer their business questions. 


We take the time to properly diagnose our clients' business questions. 

We delve deep into our clients' business to ensure we understand the background to the questions and the perspective of key stakeholders. We also bring our expertise in understanding the broader world of brands, consumer behaviour, and socio-cultural trends to provide a context in which the questions sit. 

By considering business questions in this way we ensure we deliver insights that create real business opportunities.


We explore our clients' business questions from many angles, and by embracing different perspectives in our work we are able to find the most compelling insights.

We draw upon a range of insight gathering techniques. We commonly use qualitative and quantitative research, ethnography, digital methodologies, and cultural analysis

We have formed a unique network of high profile people from the creative industries (including documentary filmmakers, art directors, and photojournalists), as well as prominent academics. We collaborate with our Creative Network throughout our projects to enrich our thinking, produce captivating outputs, and above all, add value to our clients' research spend. 


We understand that insight is the start of the journey for any business in the process of creating change. Insights need to capture attention. Insights need to spearhead action. Now and in the future. 

We use a range of creative approaches designed to bring our insights to life and act as a tangible resource for future inspiration. We work with our Creative Network to tell powerful visual stories through photojournalism, film and animation. We also curate events and exhibitions that turn insights into live experiences.

Who's in our
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Qualitative and Quantitative Research in the UK and internationally
Although Evie is yet to start talking she has effortlessly mastered gesture control on her dad's iPad.
Face-to-face encounters, digital methodologies, and visual storytelling
The 60 year age gap all but disappears as Joan and Sarah natter about their favourite moments from Saturday nights' TV.
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We are searching for an aspiring researcher to join us for a paid summer internship. 

Interviews will be held on the 3rd March in Shoreditch, London. Please contact for more information.


We welcome Kat Cunnigham to the Hope + Anchor team as an Associate Director. Kat comes from a background in brand communications and NPD research.

Visit our PEOPLE pages to find out more about Kat.


We are super excited to see the unveiling of Gumtree's gorgeous rebrand undertaken by the talented guys at design agency Koto. We worked sensitively alongside the design team, championing the voice of the consumer to guide the rebrand journey.


We will be speaking at Consumers Exposed on Thursday 29th October. Phones on silent please, the subject of our talk is 'The Age of Technological Intimacy'.

Click here to find out more. 



Want to know our point of view on the merits of digital versus traditional methodologies? And the blurring lines between qual and quant? We reveal all in an interview for the American Marketing Association.

Click here to read the interview.



We are delighted to have won this year's Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Award for our Structured Reality approach to insight generation. 

Click here to read more about this important award.

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"Exceptional research! Combining innovative design, incorporating approaches from social anthropology, with brilliant analysis. Standing room only presentations."

Alison Hardy
former Head of Behaviour Change Planning, Department of Health
"Everything they produce is of the absolute highest standard. They are always thinking of new, innovative and exciting ways to tackle projects. I would confidently recommend Hope + Anchor to anyone."

Sarah Riding
Head of Audience Insight, Zodiak Media
"Thorough and creative in their approach, and genuinely switched on, Hope + Anchor know how to engage with clients and help them get the best value out of their research investment. The team is brilliant to work with!"

Francesca Namboka
Client Insight Analyst, Christie's
"Hope + Anchor delivered a fantastically insightful analysis on one of our key brands, with speed, a creative and tailored approach, and great flexibility. A great team and great results!"

Isabelle Hierholz
Global Planning Director
"HOPE + ANCHOR’s research for John Brown on fashion-loving women gave us a wonderfully in-depth look into women’s wardrobes and why they buy what they do. The research has helped us think differently about how we communicate with women as they decide what to buy."

Susannah Donnelly
Senior Insight Manager, John Brown Media
"Hope + Anchor are creative thinkers, very reliable, and importantly, will challenge thinking when necessary. One further attribute is credibility which they have by the barrowload - which comes from hard work and being completely on top of the brief."

David Howells
former Head of Research, News International (News UK)
"HOPE + ANCHOR'S research for Randall & Aubin delivered much more than I could have expected. In fact, the findings have been instrumental in changing the way we think about our business. I can't praise them highly enough!"

Jamie Poulton
MD, Randall & Aubin
"Hope + Anchor always deliver complex or difficult findings with simplicity, precision and tact to a range of stakeholders from creative minds to senior decision makers. The passion they have for research is refreshing and they are always a pleasure to work with. "

Elinor Bateman
Head of Brand, Services and Strategy Hub, ITV
"Hope + Anchor consistently demonstrate a positive, can-do attitude from beginning to end. Their research has gone on to prove an extremely valuable asset to the Department and the fact it is still being referenced today is testament to the quality of the team’s work."

Claire Farman
Senior Campaign Manager, Department for Transport
"Hope + Anchor are a great new business to deal with. Small enough to get personal service and large enough to be able to deliver on complex projects. When it comes to insight, their recommendations have never failed to hit the mark. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any creative led business."

Rufus Weston
Insight Director, HarperCollins
Slipping on our Hunter wellies to explore the UK festival landscape, and the role brand activations play in enhancing the festival goers' experience
Identifying needs, motivations and paths to purchase, to showcase the role and value of technology in the lives of Time Inc. audiences
Sitting down with homeowners across the UK to create a series of audio and photographic memoirs chronicling the meaning of happiness in relation to the home
Brown Forman:
Innovating with the innovators
Packing the Brown Forman innovation team off on safari with female drinkers, across different drinking occasions, to identify a white space for NPD
Investigating the mindset and motivations of real-life crime fans to flesh out the future proposition for the Crime & Investigation Network
Working with Gumtree and design agency Koto, providing consumer insight to guide the Gumtree brand refresh journey
Unleashing a tasty new creative strategy
Working with Superfans of Rice Krispies Squares to unlock the future creative direction for the 2015 brand campaign
The X Factor:
Putting the X back into The X Factor
Facilitating an audience debate between rival fans of different talent shows to inform the future strategy for this TV juggernaut
Decoding the thriller genre
Combining semiotics with an innovative qualitative approach to understand the motivations of fans of the thriller genre
John Brown Media:
Hot on the Heels Of A Fashion Shopper
Creating a documentary for an audience of High St retailers, showcasing how omnichannel retailing is impacting fashion purchase behaviour
The Making of An International Best Seller
Hosting book clubs in cities around the world to define the global positioning and marketing strategy for HarperCollins' bestselling authors
Zodiak Media:
Co-Creating The Next Saturday Night Fever
Uniting Zodiak Media’s production teams with their bulls-eye tween and teen target audience to co-create future Saturday Night entertainment formats
Designing to stand out from the pack
Immersing Vodka lovers in the world of pack design to co-create new designs for Finlandia with real stand out
John Lewis:
Exposing the moment of truth for a pushchair purchase
Using our award winning Structured Reality research methodology to reveal the real influencers driving the pushchair purchase of first time parents
Engaging the social media leaders of the world's largest organisations in conversation to understand the future social needs of the business community
Exploring how Geo-fencing, Augmented Reality and other emerging digital marketing tools can engage the millennial drinker within the on-trade environment
Reigniting Britain’s Love For The Brand
Engaging viewers in an ongoing conversation with ITV to shape the 2013 brand relaunch by informing logo design, ident creative, and continuity strategy
Randall & Aubin:
Dishing Up A Future Brand Direction
Hosting dinner party discussions with customers to provide brand strategy for this much-loved Soho institution
Department for Transport:
Putting the Shock Back Into Drink Driving
Delving deep into the shocking world of high risk-taking drink drivers to create a new communications platform to underpin the THINK! Drink Drive Campaign
Diagnosing the health of the REALLY channel
Working with the REALLY channel team to undertake a channel review and create a future commissioning and marketing strategy
60 Minute Makeover:
Makeover TV Gets A Makeover
Spending the summer nosing around people's homes exploring Britain's appetite for home improvements to inform the future direction for this emblem of the TV makeover genre
Redemption Bar:
Serving up the consumer opportunity
Profiling the consumer target and sizing the opportunity for a new brand of alcohol-free gastro bars
Engaging households with dodgy boilers in conversation to develop an emotionally rich consumer-facing proposition
Working with Challenge TV's brand team to immerse them in the lives of their target audience and identify future opportunities for the channel brand
Spring Creative:
rubbing shoulders with the global super-rich
Immersing the Spring Creative team in the aspirations and motivations of the Ultra-High-Net-Worth Consumer to develop the communications strategy for a leading luxury brand

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